Straight Bevels

Established in 1997 and with over 80 years of gear manufacturing experience behind us, Sovereign Gears are well-placed to produce high quality straight bevel gears for your business. Whether you are in the industrial, electrical or automotive industry, we provide great value repair, replacement and manufacturing services for clients across the UK and around the world.

What Are Straight Bevel Gears?

Unlike spiral, zerol and hypoid bevel tooth lines - straight bevel teeth run parallel to the generator. Straight bevels look like spur gears and have a conical pitch surface shape.

Here at Sovereign Gears, our experienced and knowledgeable engineers will manufacture straight bevel gears to your exact specifications and application. We can produce one-off prototypes in both small and large batches. You can also rely on us to supply duplicates of your order for repeat purchases, so you can get the gears you need quickly.

We can manufacture straight bevels from various materials such as cast iron, non-ferrous and non-metallic, depending on:

  • The type of service
  • The accuracy required
  • Shock resistance
  • Wear resistance
  • Peripheral speed
  • Dimensions and weight of the drive

All gear orders placed will be delivered in 3 to 5 working days and delivered with care to your site.

Simply contact us on 01530 249 090 or email us at for more information. Our friendly, expert team are happy to answer further questions about our services or give free advice about your application.

Straight Bevels - Gleason

Max Pitch 6 MOD       
Max Cone 350 MM
Max Face 60 MM