Helical Gears



Sovereign Gears is a supplier and manufacturer of custom gears with more than 80 years’ experience serving customers in the UK and across the world. One of the key components we manufacture are helical gears.

All our gear components are high quality products produced at our workshops in the UK. Our engineers have extensive professional experience of working with gears from a variety of applications and industrial uses. We offer you an individualised service to meet the needs of your business. Contact us today to discuss recreating or designing the right helicals to fit your machinery.

What Is A Helical Gear?

A helical is a round, toothed gear with teeth built into the outside surface of the gear at a slanted angle. When used in a system with other helical gears, contact begins with the teeth touching, with engagement building gradually as the gears rotate. At the end of the rotation the two gears will be fully engaged.

Helical gears are common components in the automotive industry, where they are frequently utilised in car transmissions. Helicals are often made from steel, although other materials can be used to. 

Due to the angle of the teeth in helical gears, a thrust load is generated whenever two gears mesh. Systems utilising helical gears must therefore use bearings designed to support this load.

The Benefits Of Helicals

Benefits of helical gears include:

  • Smooth Operation: As the engagement between the two gears is gradual this means helical systems are smoother and quieter. This is an advantage over spur gears and makes helical gears ideal for car gearboxes.
  • Perpendicular Shafts: Helical gear teeth can be designed to protrude at different angles. When aligned correctly with other helical gears on a perpendicular shaft, the rotation angle can be adjusted by 90 degrees.

Find Out More

Get in touch today to find out more about our bespoke helical gear service. We offer only the highest quality components and guarantee 3 to 5 working day delivery of all orders. For a free quote or to place an order, call us on 01530 249 090, or send us an email at: sales@sovereign.co.uk



Max Pitch 7 MOD (N)
Max Dia 380 MM
Max Face 150 MM


Max Pitch 1.25" CP (10 MOD)
Max Dia 380 MM