Spiral Bevels



For over 80 years Sovereign Gears has specialised in the custom manufacture and supply of gears. One of the gear types that we produce is spiral bevel gears. These are made to suit numerous industries at excellent value for money, so rest assured that we will manufacture your order to meet the needs of your business.

Sovereign Gears' engineers have the experience to offer very flexible services to clients in the UK and around the world. This means you can order small or large batches of spiral bevel gears, have our team replace them as part of machinery repair and create one-off prototypes.

What Is A Spiral Bevel Gear?

You can choose from straight, zerol and hypoid bevels as well as the spiral variety. All of these are useful when the rotational direction of a shaft must be changed. Usually, they are mounted on shafts that are 90 degrees apart, although they can work at different angles. The teeth on spiral bevel gears is curved and helical, ensuring smooth contact with the shaft.  If you need to replace spiral bevel gears, you should always have the right and left replaced together, as they are manufactured in pairs.

Benefits Of Spiral Bevel Gears

Spiral bevel gears are primarily used as vehicle differentials; helping to assist the drive shaft and making vehicle wheels turn 90 degrees. Therefore these gears are an essential part of smooth and safe driving. Compared to straight-cut or spur-cut versions, spiral bevels cause less noise and less vibration due to their curved shape.

Enquire today for 3 to 5 day delivery on bespoke, high quality spiral bevel gears. Our delivery fleet are known for reliability and responsiveness throughout the UK, as well as shipping across the world. Call 01530 249 090 or email sales@sovereign.co.uk for more information.

Spiral Bevels to Klingelnberg Palloid System

Max Pitch         Approx 13 MOD
Max O.D 520 MM
Max Face 80 MM
Max Cone 275 MM


Hypoid Spiral Bevels Up to 50 MM Max Axial Offset