For more than 80 years, Sovereign Gears have been manufacturing specialist straight sided and involute splines for industrial clients across the world. In terms of gear machinery, splines refer to the individual teeth on a driveshaft that are designed to match up with similar grooves on a gear piece. 

The operation of the two components transfers torque between the driveshaft and the gear.
For convenience, teeth or ridges are usually referred to as external (or ‘male splines’) whereas grooves are known as internal splines (or ‘female splines’).

Types Of Splines

Various types of spline are used in different gear mechanisms – they include:

  • Straight sided serrated splines: As the name suggests, straight sided serrated splines have straight teeth rather than curved teeth. The shape of the tooth is triangular with a flat surface. Straight sided serrated splines can be used on either the internal or external surface of a driveshaft / gear.
  • Involute splines: Involute splines are similar to their serrated counterparts, the only difference being the fact the teeth are curved. Involute splines are used on spur and helical gears, as well as on internal or external surfaces.

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Our engineering team here at Sovereign Gears are highly experienced in creating the right gear components to match your machinery. Regardless of your industry or the applications you use, we can design and create bespoke gears for new machines, prototypes or replacement parts.

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